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13 / 04 / 2021
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Are you confused about customer complaints about soap products. You can't get rid of oil? Have you tried so many oil lifting chemicals but still less effective? if you experience these things, you get the right solution by using OIL REMOVAL / ORM, you know why?
When you produce Laundry Soap, definitely use oil-lifting chemicals, for example ABS, on laundry ABS will lift the sticky oil on the laundry, but after removing the oil, return to the laundry because ABS only removes oil, it doesn't prevent the oil from sticking back to washing. This can be overcome by using OIL REMOVAL / ORM, the method works the same as ABS, but ORM prevents oil from returning to washing
Can't believe just try it yourself?
For product information and ordering, please contact or come directly to our shop:
CENTER Office: Terlusan Bandengan Utara No. B 11 North Jakarta 14440,
Branch Office: LTC Glodok Lt. 2 block C 9 No. 7-8, Jl Hayam Wuruk 127 Jakarta 11180,
We also work closely with the expeditions listed below:
• Gojek and Instant Grab: Jakarta
• JNE: Jabodetabeka and JAWA BARAT (stuck in WEST JAVA YES)
• TIKI: Jabodetabeka and JAWA BARAT (stuck in WEST JAVA YES)
• WAHANA: All of Java and Lampung are big cities
• KOBERA: The entire island of Java
• POS INDONESIA: All of Java Island
• Especially for Pesana outside Java, we will inform the Expedition by WA / Telephone
Note: apart from those already listed we are open to receiving Expeditions / Couriers requested by the buyer as long as the expedition / courier is close to our location.
A. excess shipping costs that have been agreed upon, can be returned via bank transfer
B. Buyers who object to the long delivery time are advised not to order this product!
Please understand, because we prioritize the safety and interests of our customers, we don't want our kind-hearted customers to be disappointed because of the delivery.

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